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Screened in porch - We can help design and enclose your outdoor space!

screen porch with beach view and wicker furniture

  • A custom remodeling contractor can help add a lot of value to your home.
  • Our local installers provide professional and affordable installation services.
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Custom Designed Screen Porch

Colorado Springs Deck Designs can build your new screened in porch or screen in your existing porch. Even when you can’t go outdoors, you can still feel like you are outdoors in your new screened in porch. It offers a safe space for you and your family to gather without the threat of the weather ruining your time together. Our customers have various reasons for wanting to have a screened porch installed. It may be to prevent insects from getting inside or to be able to sit outdoors without being affected by the weather; they are all valid reasons for giving us a call. Our design team will design something that you can be proud of and that you’ll enjoy for many years. If you want a well-built, screened in porch, make sure you contact Colorado Springs Deck Designs a chance to show you what we have to offer.

Types of Screened Porches

While all screened porches may look the same, we assure you that they are not. There are different types of screened in porches based on the size of your porch and your budget. Here are just some of the screens that we use to design and build your screened in porches at Colorado Springs Deck Designs.

  • Weather-Resistant Screens – This type of screen has a coated mesh that will be able to withstand the toughest weather conditions, wind, rain, and snow.
  • Insect Screens – It is a tightly-woven screen that will be able to keep out all sorts of pests. It is ideal for keeping out mosquitos and known insects that carry diseases.
  • Privacy Screens – A privacy screen is another type of mesh screen that is reflective. It blocks the ability to see inside from any distance and yet allows you to clearly see outside.
  • Solar Screens – This type of screen reduces the amount of sun coming inside, heating up your porch. It is a great way to reduce your energy bill
  • Child-Proof Pet Screen – This is a thick, tough mesh, tear resistant screen It is designed this way to prevent animals from puncturing it and keeps children safely inside.

Existing or New Screened Porch

If you have a nice porch, it isn't necessary for us to tear it down just to enclose it with a screen. Our experts can take an existing porch and safely and effectively install the screen of your choice. We have a screen that is durable and of the highest quality so you can be sure that it will also be long-lasting. If you want a custom designed screen porch, we’ll design one for you from scratch at Colorado Springs Deck Designs.

Why Hire Colorado Springs Deck Designs

We design and build decks that are built to last at Colorado Springs Deck Designs. Make us your preferred service provider and you will be able to receive a screened porch that you may even want to sleep on. Our screened porches are designed and built by seasoned veterans. Call on us for guaranteed satisfaction.

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