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Outdoor Kitchen - Upgrade your outdoor living space!

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  • Our contractors can make your backyard perfect for gatherings!
  • We provide local trusted residential installers that are highly rated.
  • From the initial design, to the installation, we provide professional & affordable replacement services.
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Outdoor Kitchens

Whether you are having an outdoor kitchen added to your home or you need an existing outdoor kitchen remodeled, let our experienced contractors at Colorado Springs Deck Designs handle the job. We can design and install a complete outdoor kitchen that is sure to compliment your home's architecture. Our design team has designed some of the most practical and functional outdoor kitchens in Colorado Springs, CO. All of the features of your kitchen will seamlessly flow so that you have everything you need at your immediate disposal. If you have purchased a home that has an outdoor kitchen, all of the major parts of the kitchen may be there but you may lack what you need to make it functional for you. If this is the case, we can redesign your outdoor kitchen so that you can get the most out of it. You should be able to effectively utilize your outdoor kitchen or else what’s the point in having one. It is possible for you to get the outdoor kitchen that you have always wanted with the help of our expert team of professional contractors at Colorado Springs Deck Designs.

Your Outdoor Kitchen Zones

There is a particular way that we approach kitchen designs. We start by defining the zone. Most homeowners are not fully aware of how their kitchens are designed but they are designed by a zone. The zones are wet, dry, hot, and cold. The reason for having everything placed in a particular zone is to make the kitchen functional. A kitchen that is not designed into zones will be very chaotic and impractical. Who wants that! The zones; in addition to a countertop, an appropriate amount of storage is what makes a kitchen functional. Your kitchen doesn’t have to be large, as our contractors are also capable of designing smaller kitchens that suit the needs of our customers.

Landing Space

At Colorado Springs Deck Designs, we don't really think that you can have enough countertop space. Regardless of how we feel, this seems to always pose a problem for our designers. However, they always manage to provide our customers with a sufficient amount of countertop space, regardless of the space allotted to them. This area is free space on both sides of the kitchen sinks, cooktops or grills. Many people use this area for their cutting boards, for ingredients, platters, and whatever other items that they may need. A kitchen without countertop space is simply a disaster in the making. You have to have a place to put your dishes and food items.

Why Rely on Colorado Springs Deck Design

Surprise! Colorado Springs Deck Designs also designs and installs outdoor kitchens. We have been offering this service for many years and it has been well received. It is due to our ability to provide our Colorado Springs customers with the best quality of services that so many call on us to design their outdoor kitchen. We stand by the artistry and craftsmanship of our team of professional contractors and designers.

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